Thursday, May 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y review

This's one of the cheapest Android phones around and is good value for money.

At this price range you really can't complaint about missing features, but still for the review, the phone is not very slow (very fast than you Windows computer) but you can complain, yes, sometimes you do get a few seconds delay when opening the desktop after a long browsing session, or opening calls/contacts if you have a lot of entries in them.

IMO the battery life is ok if you set the brightness to low, but if it's at max, you may have to lug the charger around. Notice you have to set it to high brightness outdoors.

Low resolution display and camera come with the price.

Verdict: It's a good phone for business application with Android expanding the possibilities, but bad as an entertainment phone (cause of low resolution display, slow processor and less ram).

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