Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Darkcoin review.

Energy Efficiency -- Partial
Stability in prices -- Partial
51% protection -- Partial
Fast confirmation times -- No
Prevent instamine -- No
Compress protocol -- No
Transaction comments -- No
Expansion Scope -- No
Anonymous Payment -- No
No or less transaction fee -- No

Total points -- 13.33

See this for judgement criteria.

'Darksend' -- A technology used to overcome a deficiency which's not a major concern for 99% of people and can be fixed by a simple proxy since protocol analysis and IP tracking is the root of the problem -- otherwise the wallet addresses itself are completely anonymous.

If the protocols would've simply had TSL encryption support, protocol snooping whould've been killed, killing the root of the problem.

But the developer decided to implement other complicated ways.

As of KGW, DGW etc.. etc... etc... intelligently crafted (but not complicated) block re-targets and fast block times (like 1 minute or still better -- 30 seconds) like that of Quarks is enough to prevent intamine and multipool issues. These complicated algorithms increase surface of security vulnerabilities like what happened with KGW -- the same can happen with DGW.

This coins applies perfectly to Einsein's prefectly true quote --

"Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler"