Sunday, May 12, 2019

Linux technologies (kernel, bash etc...) support for Windows -- for a better monopoly.

And when you start to think in modern times when Microsoft loves Linux and opensource; the question arises, is it really the truth? Does Microsoft really love opensource?

No, in fact Microsoft is still trying to enforce it's monopoly and support for opensource technologies makes it's monopoly stronger.

Reviewing from a few pages of history realize why Microsoft is a monopoly -- 
1) It keeps all protocols hidden
2) All technologies will be patented in the US (Microsoft tax)
3) It tires to hide the formats of files that their programs use and when they open up the format, the specs are not complete (to ensure only their programs are able to open their files) and ladened with patent warnings.

None of this has changed; but now Linux programs can run on Windows officially. So to the unsuspecting consumer -- Windows has the power to run both their propitiatory, cryptic and hidden Windows program and open Windows files along with Linux capabilities; so the obvious question is, why will it switch to Linux? So let the monopoly commence and be better.