Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nokia 7210 supported video format/codec/encoding

Nokia 7210's screen size is 320x240 and supports the same video resolution (don't know about the max and the mins yet). It can play mpeg4 compatible streams with aac audio in mp4 containers. However the video is choppy if you specify the qscale as 20 or higher, it'll ok at 15.
All in all, the inbuilt media player is a complete loada crap for videos; it distorts aspect ratio.

Pioneer DV-610AV dvd players supported video encoding/format.

Pioneer DV-610AV dvd players support xvid/divx/mpeg4 in avi container with mp3 audio. It can stand a max resolution of 700x700.

Winff presets and ffmpeg command line parms on demand.

Friday, February 10, 2012

CX 55 review.

If you believe the online reviews, this earphone has a fantastic base, good noise isolation and is great value for money.

Considering the price, there's no way Sennheiser will bribe the reviewers, specially looking at the number of people liking it.

So this earphone should be ----------good-----------.

BUT that one that I got was worst than the cheapest ones I'd ever own. There was practically no bass, but noise isolation was good (better than CX 200).

I doubt that one that I got was is not genuine, this may be the reason.

After a few months of use that earphone died (one side). Considering what happened to my CX 200, I'll never buy a Sennheiser again.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Active vs passive TVs.

I'm writing here to share my personal experience with both these technologies; although there are a lot of scientific claim and tests stating that passive is a lot better than active, I'm sharing my personal experience.

To explicitly state, active polarized technology is a complete loada crap; Samsung lies when they claim active is better than passive and the reality is dead opposite to what Samsung claims, Samsung is lying.

Passive has --

1) ~4 times brighter than active.
2) glasses that cost less than 1/200 th of active
3) No health hazard -- active communicates to the TV wireless in high frequency which's bad for health (chances of brain, blood cancer, brain hemorrhage increases by 2 times), remember mobile hazard? It's the same thing.
4) Is a bit cheaper than active
5) Comfortable glasses whcih's a lot easier to wear light
5.5) Verity of frames available with polarized glasses.
6) Flicker-free -- Active is unusable cause of this reason.
7) Free from vendor's monopoly; you don't have to buy the additional pair of glasses specifically from this vendor. The vendor may hike prices a few months after you buy the 3d TV forcing you to pay at times.
8) No risk of discontinued glasses. In active, there's always a risk, you're at the vendor's mercy.

So, all in all, all the 'advanced' expensive 3d technology is like a lead acid battery with golden anode and silver cathode with lead coating on it; it's expensive yet useless.

Anyone buying a passive TV or even monitor appears to be a complete idiot and has too much money to spare.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nokia N72 video encoding.

Nokia has only a history of good phones but no future.

The mighty N72 plays quiet a large no. of resolutions for it's screen resolution. It supports mpeg4 with flac audio in 3gp container.

It supports flac? Surprising? I though Nokia hated software-for-non-profit with the exception of QT of course.

I'll place the ffmpeg parameters on demand, I'll even make the winff presets for N72 for you if you ask and update this post.

Samsung Guru 35, Samsung metro 3530 supported video formats.

Like with most other mobile devices, these 2 phones supports MPEG-4 Part 2 streams (xvid vtag) with aac audio in mp4 container.

Guru's screen resolution is 128x160 and it easily plays videos around this resolution.

Samsung Metro's screen size is somewhere like 320x240 or 220 I guess (in a flipped state) but it's incapable of playing videos in this resolution.

It can play videos with maximum resolution at 320x200, otherwise it simply refuses to play. Also there's a limit to the video bitrate this device can process.

I'll place the ffmpeg parameters on demand, I'll even make the winff presets for metro 3530 and Guru 35 for you if you ask and update this post.

JXD 661 video formats.

This device plays MPEG-4 Part 2 streams (xvid vtag) with mp3 in an avi container.

Limit the resolution to 320x240, otherwise the audio/video will be out of sync.

I'll place the ffmpeg parameters on demand, I'll even make the winff presets for JXD 661 for you if you ask and update this post.