Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tech mags get bribed by MS for Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia)?

There're no mags or tech news websites which point out to major issues in WP7; they just point out trivial ones.

With an intention to enforce monopoly by anti-competitive practices on both phones and desktops, WP doesnt support the following -

SD cards -- Only in a few Windows phones SD cards are installable, that too internally. Once you install it it becomes an internal part of the phone... i.e you cant use it in any other device -- you'll be forced to used this specific card on your WP like your're forced to use Windows to run Windows programs.

PC interconnect -- It'll only work on Mac and Windows; otherwise you can't do anything through your PC (this includes transferring files and media), also, the Mac version ain't good as the Windows one. The protocols are hidden and follow no standards by only Microsoft standards -- yet another reason to continue using Microsoft products (not cause they're good, but cause you're forced to use it).
Thus you're forced to use a MS software everywhere you use WP -- you have to be dependent on the company for even the simplest tasks in WP.

No bluetooth --  It doesn't support file transfers over bluetooth, cutting the phone off to all non-Microsoft PCs. Double the monopoly, double the monopoly and Bill Gates comes back on top again.

One magazine being a typical MS fanboy since the beginning of time is Chip which's mostly available in Europe and Asia.

Others include

As a result, regardless of the reviews, the sales are horrible and people are already trying to sell the phones -- in a period of a week or month.

This proves how Microsoft bribes the press and people around the world to enforce use of it's horrible products which downgrades the the software industry worldwide and bring it to Mr. Gate's feet.

Friday, December 2, 2011

smplayer with mplayer2 (no video?)

Apart form changing the binary location, there is a workaround for this bug, in custom mplayer options set -

-vid -1

And everything should work well.