Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Error: Server asked us to run CSD hostscan.

Anyconnect has provisions of a ‘CSD script’… via which basically a remote program which’ll be downloaded from the VPN server and will be executed on the host machine to gather information about it and to be sent to the server.

If a VPN server mandates running such a scan the following errors will come up –

"Error: Server asked us to run CSD hostscan."

For openconnect, you’ve to download external CSD scripts. There are 2 CSD scripts – which communicate to the VPN server either via post or by some other means.


The above is a script sends the collected info via non-POST means. Another official, openconnect CSD script sends it via POST. It’s called csd-post.sh. If you’ve used the wrong script, the following errors will occur –

"Refreshing +CSCOE+/sdesktop/wait.html after 1 second"


In the above csd-wrapper.sh script, you’ve edit it and fill in your VPN host’s DNS name in an environment variable.

Switches to openconnect –

--csd-wrapper <path to CSD wrapper script>

--csd-user <user name> – Run the CSD script as this user.