Monday, February 6, 2012

Active vs passive TVs.

I'm writing here to share my personal experience with both these technologies; although there are a lot of scientific claim and tests stating that passive is a lot better than active, I'm sharing my personal experience.

To explicitly state, active polarized technology is a complete loada crap; Samsung lies when they claim active is better than passive and the reality is dead opposite to what Samsung claims, Samsung is lying.

Passive has --

1) ~4 times brighter than active.
2) glasses that cost less than 1/200 th of active
3) No health hazard -- active communicates to the TV wireless in high frequency which's bad for health (chances of brain, blood cancer, brain hemorrhage increases by 2 times), remember mobile hazard? It's the same thing.
4) Is a bit cheaper than active
5) Comfortable glasses whcih's a lot easier to wear light
5.5) Verity of frames available with polarized glasses.
6) Flicker-free -- Active is unusable cause of this reason.
7) Free from vendor's monopoly; you don't have to buy the additional pair of glasses specifically from this vendor. The vendor may hike prices a few months after you buy the 3d TV forcing you to pay at times.
8) No risk of discontinued glasses. In active, there's always a risk, you're at the vendor's mercy.

So, all in all, all the 'advanced' expensive 3d technology is like a lead acid battery with golden anode and silver cathode with lead coating on it; it's expensive yet useless.

Anyone buying a passive TV or even monitor appears to be a complete idiot and has too much money to spare.

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