Friday, May 4, 2012

Philips 192EL2 review.

I don't own many Philips products around; this must have been the first few, and I'm not having a good impression on Philips's QA.

The first monitor I bought did not work... it just displayed a blank screen, nothing else.

So I got it replaced.

For the good part, the brightness is fabulous, and colors are good but the firmware is equally bad.

It's so bad that you have to reset the monitor at times in order to get it's sharpness back.

At times the auto adjustment doesn't work well and you can see some parts of the screen as blurred (yes, the monitor is at it's native resolution). Solution is to reset the settings to factory default.

I would've liked it if there were presets for settings, but following the bad firmware and resets, I wont work hard storing them.

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