Friday, October 16, 2020

[spreadsheet][ods]Unsprung/rotating mass (wheel/sprocket/tyre) power loss calculator for cars bikes and motorcycles

 In case you're wondering how much power will you get when you replace you wheel or sprocket or tyres to lighter ones, this spreadsheet is for you.

Open in either libreoffice or google docs. 

Realize that the power loss is not only dependent on unsprung mass, but also on other factors such as wind resistance (your vehicle's aerodynamics), mechanical losses etc... unsprung mass is only one of the losses. These other losses changes over the speed in which you're at, so while calculating, apart from dimensions, you've to also enter the speed and the time required to reach that speed in order to determine the power lost because of the wheel/sprocket/tyre. Another reason why you need to enter the speed and time it takes to reach that speed is that power is a function of energy. So if your vehicle takes less time to reach a certain speed, the mass will take less time to attain that RPM, but ultimately will result in having the same energy. Thus, same energy attained in less time means more power taken by up the rotating mass while accelerating.

Only fill the required values in column B against the non-colored cells. The colored cells are calculated values.

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