Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bash history sanitize/cleaner.

instead of cleaning your bash history, this script will remove problematic history entries, thus sanitize it.

#! /bin/bash
# Without argument will print what it'll delete. If 1st argument is y, then it'll clean the history of the user.
# The regular expressions catch the good commands which are to be retained.
echo 'Would delete commands -- '
grep -vP --regexp='^[a-zA-Z0-9/./.#~>]' ~/.bash_history
grep -vP --regexp='^.{0,1000}$' ~/.bash_history
if test "$1" == 'y'
 grep -P --regexp='^[a-zA-Z0-9/.#~>]' ~/.bash_history | grep -P --regexp='^.{0,1000}$' > /tmp/bash_history_cleaned || exit
 mv /tmp/bash_history_cleaned ~/.bash_history

Read the comments for how to get this to work.

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