Friday, May 12, 2017

Persistent/resilient ssh sessions for unstable internet connections.

Long back SSH had introduced an experimental 'roaming' feature where changes to the ssh client IP resulted in resuming the session on the server regardless of the changed IP. This feature was never implemented on the server, rending it useless on the client but causing a vulnerability.

Instead of using roaming, a much better approach is using screen with shell scripting. This has serious advantages like resuming the session over a different client machine, the program running in foreground won't slow down even if the terminal (or Internet connection) is slow etc...

Just install screen on the server and run the following commands for a presistant session --

while [[ j != k ]]; do ssh -tt screen -r / -p 0; done

This'll reconnect on disconnecting. You can use tabs in screen and take multiple sessions over the same screen instance. Open the other tabs using --

while [[ j != k ]]; do ssh -tt screen -r / -p 1; done

while [[ j != k ]]; do ssh -tt screen -r / -p 2; done

while [[ j != k ]]; do ssh -tt screen -r / -p 3; done

For tabs numbered 1, 2, 3 etc...

I use Gentoo's default config for the screen on the server, it works great!

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