Sunday, October 23, 2011

LP120 on Linux

Audio technica LP120's USB interface is basically a USB audio controller integrated inside the player and it's compatible with Linux, you need to do nothing specific in a Linux distro to configure the card, drivers are build into Linux.

Just configure it through pulseaudio GUI to make it work.


  1. Is the USB interface still working for you? I bought Audio-Technica LP120-USB turntable, and the USB interface is only giving me quiet white noise. What Linux kernel version are you using? I have Debian's 3.2, so the issue shouldn't be that my kernel is too old (3.2 was released on 2012-01-04), but perhaps there has been a regression...

    1. Never mind, it seemed to be some temporary glitch. It's working now :)

  2. I have Ubuntu 14.04, but I can not get any output sound from the record player. Its visible in Audacity and I've messed with the output levels, but still no sound. Any tips?


  3. openup 'alsamixer'. Select the right sound card using F6 and check the audio levels.