Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Micromax 352G on Linux.

This's just another regular modem with a storage device as the default mod. First you need to install usb-modeswitch, then plug in the modem (or replug the modem), then run (as root) -


If it says modem not found, it means the USB device has not switched it's state, thus, do so as follows -

usb_modeswitch -v 1c9e -p f000

Then again try wvdialconf, it's ought to work.

You'll now have a file name /etc/wvdial.conf, edit this as root, enter your username, password (usually anything will work), then the number to be dialed (usually *99#). Uncomment these lines also.

Next run wvdial command, and things should work fine. Notice the color coding on the modem also to see if it even catches the network.

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