Friday, July 23, 2010

Unique ways to contribute to opensource.

When we talk about contributions, money plays a major role... everyone knows about monitory contributions bug reports/Developer task etc.... However, even if you're not a technical personnel, and do not even wish monitory contributions (for some reasons), there're other ways available also -
  • Hardware compatibility with Linux is a major issue, actually the manufacturer is to blame. So whenever you find such a product not working out, call the manufacturer straight and complain.
    • If he says the hardware is officially incompatible or they can't fix it, tell on their face that their products sucks, and you will never buy their products again and never recommend it to anyone and just demote all their products.
    • If he says Linux users fall in the majority, tell him the statistics are wrong and you see all Linux users around you.
  • Wherever you see a product which requires drivers and all and the Linux compatibility has not been commented on call the manufacturer and ask about it's Linux compatibility. Regardless of what he says, respond by telling him you need to bulk order the product and need 50 or 100 or even 1000... whatever amount of pieces.
  • Check out which companies do not provide any Laptops or Desktops with Linux preinstalled or if there're no products without Windows preinstalled and complain to them about how you're forcing everyone to buy Windows, and decreasing the value of money for their product if someone does not wish to use Windows and you and your friends (or the whole company and take large numbers again.) are preferring computers Without windows installed, but they don't manufacture them.
    • If you're using windows do not buy computers with non trial versions of Microsoft Office or any other such product.
  • Publicize Linux distros by the following points -
    • No need to reformat for life.
    • Very stable.
    • No security issues like Antivirus, firewall etc..
    • For windows there're millions of viruses made daily, but for Linux, there are almost none.
    • A 3-d desktop.
    • No need to hunt applications on the internet to install.
    • Public property, Download, modify and redistribute without fear of being prosecuted.
Although these techniques might not appeal to many, since they are considered 'bad', that is these (except the last point) are mostly lies, but you really have no other option. If GNU is actually going to have that wildebeest image, it'll always be the prey of predators and always be vulnerable.
By far, Microsoft is the biggest rival of GNU/Opensource, it's always trying to kill it by unfair means and causes harm to the people; if they are doing this, the response has to be the same from the GNU herd otherwise it will be the hunted.

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