Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quark coin/cryptocurrency review

See for judgment criteria.

1) energy efficiency -- Almost
2) Stability in prices -- Full
3) 51% attack protection -- Partial
4) Fast confirmation times -- Full

5) Prevent intamine -- No
Factors 6 to 9 -- No
10) No or less transaction fees -- Partial

Total score -- 28 out of 69

One common question that people ask about Quarks is that almost all the coins where mined by early miners, so the distribution is bad.

There has been no premining by the devs; I will not answer why cause kids ask that question -- figure it out yourself. If cannot, you're dumb. Yes, the devs did mine, but after the coin was released to the public. They belong to the public after all.

Yes -- as compared to other cryptocurrencies which follow a Bitcoin like model, Quark does have this problem. In a Bitcoin like model, initially the profits of mining are high, but it slows down, but does not stop completely. As the coin becomes popular (over time) the mining process becomes more distributed, as a result, better distribution.

But if you believe many people, they say that it's distribution is better than Bitcoins, cause everyone has a CPU (as compared to your otherwise good-for-nothing ASIC miners) and the early miners sold them cheap (there was a phase where Quarks were VERY cheap); they back it by the volumes Quarks is traded but I'ld like to see evidence.

However, Quark's distribution model is not 'unfair'. Everyone was allowed to mine Quarks, if you could not mine it, it's your fault you were not scavenging the bitcointalk altcoin forums for new coins to mine. People who were doing it (i.e. working for it), got paid the rewards, you did not.

Your criticism is equivalent to saying a company's IPO is bad cause the shares where not distributed among the whole world's population; you're not seeing your fault -- you did not have a trading account, and/or were not aware of the IPO. You say all of this after realizing that people who bought from that IPO made huge money, now you regret and criticize the company instead. Then you start trolling that it's fraud and Quark is a pump-and-dump scam coin.

If you've an argument against these points please read this first.

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