Monday, December 23, 2013

Reaper linux howto (scrypt, sha256 coins, cryptocurrencies).

This's a simple undocumented program to GPU mine scrypt, sha256 based coins. It was the 1st implementation of scrypt GPU mining.

This program will take a set of 2 configuration files – the first I call the 'master config', the second I call the 'coin config'.

All configs assume Windows endlines. Convert before use.

The config parameters are line separated and contain data in the following form –

(variable) (value)
(variable2) (value2)

First build the program. Reaper binary will be placed in the build directory.

This program takes in opencl implementation of various algorithms from files named *.cl in the same directory

As of the current time, there're 3 implementations – bitcoin (sha256), solidcoin and litecoin.

The master config will contain generic coin-unspecific option and coin config will contain coin specific options which also include the GPU parameters.

Start reaper without any arguments, and it'll assume the master config to be reaper.conf. If you've specified an argument, it'll be assume it's the name of the master configuration.

Master config options –

kernel (kernel file suffix)
mine (kernel file prefix or coin name)

These 2 specify which kernel file to use for mining with OpenCL. The *.cl files are supposed to be in the following format –

(kernel file prefix or coin name)-(kernel file suffix).cl

Thus if you want to mine litecoin, it's file name should be (kernel file suffix)

By default the (kernel file suffix) is In the default directory, 3 files exists –, and

To mine scrypt coin, use mine litecoin

device (opencl device no.) – Use this device. Reaper lists all devices at startup, use 1 or multiple by specifying multiple device parameters. There may be CPU devices also, and by default all devices will be used (including the CPU). So you may like to specify one of the devices.
enable_graceful_shutdown (yes/no) – Press q and enter to shutdown.

Coin config options include –

host (value)
port (value)
user (value)
pass (value)
long_polling (yes/no)
protocol (litecoin/bitcoin)
cpu_mining_threads (no.) – for CPU devices
worksize (value – good 256)
aggression (0 to 20) – How much intensely to engage the GPU in the task? Higher means more intense. To test the best value, start with the highest, and lower it 1 by 1.
threads_per_gpu (value)
lookup_gap (1 to 4) – Same as in BFG/Cgminer. 2 is for performance.
gpu_thread_concurrency (value) – How much memory to use? For 1GB card, 8192 will occupy the complete card with X running on it. It's value also depends on how much memory is avilable.
Include (file) – include these configs.
save_binaries (yes/no) – Do not delete the OpenCL binary file after compile. This'll make OpenCL reuse the file next time it starts. Ensure to delete this file for device and driver (graphics) changes.

If there values are invalid in a config file, reaper will ignore the files and say config file missing. You may have misplaced a value in the wrong config (master/coin config).

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