Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is an essential WINE wrapper which apart from using the WINE which's installed in the system can also maintain a static builds of various other wine WINE versions.

To do so, navigate to Tools > Manage wine versions.

The application will download whatever version you'll say in ~/.playonlinux/WineVersions/, speaking of which ~/.playonlinux is the home directory of the application, all wine prefixes made will be stored in this directory in the sub directory wineprefix... you can remove these directories to clean the prefix.

Apart from the repository which you can see on clicking the 'install' button you can run third party *.exe in the same dialog by going to 'install a .pol package or an unsupported application', then you'll be greeted by 2 options, select the manual install one, and do whatever the wizard says.

With POL, you can use the latest WINE and manage all wine prefix without using long commands.

You can even use the wine versions in ~/.playonlinux/WineVersions directly (you can see the wine executable in the usr/bin directory), no harm in that. Create an alias for ease.

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