Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photoshop CS5 on wine.

When a notorious Microsoft bribed companys launch application only for Windows or a few other OSs, what do you do? Download the pirated ones. Well, they didn't launch it for the right OS officially, so why should you buy officially?

e.g -- Adobe. So here I tell you how to run photoshop CS5 on Wine, and only the portable pirated version works, so we dont have to pay to a Microsoft bribed company.

You can download the portable version using the torrent which have plenty of seeds (do seed to make Adobe suffer).

WINE might ask you to install the 'gecko' package, if it prompts, do install.

Then just run the setup directly with wine... everything should work. Use the latest version of WINE (1.3.8 does work).

In case the application doesn't run install the gecko package using winetricks, a shell script -

./winetricks gecko

Download from

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