Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CSV to vcf/vcard converter (advanced edit android contact).

Spreadsheets are great! But only if you could use them to manage contacts, specially in your Android phone (or any standard compliant phone which can export to vcard).

So we got vcf2csv to do the conversion. This program will blindly convert all fields in the vcard (including the standard fields like version) to columns in the generated tab separated CSV. And that's just we want.

Now you got to convert it back to VCF so you can import it to your (standard compliant) phone. To do so, convert using the script (Released under Apache license :p) --

require 'csv.rb'
header = nil
counter = 0
CSV.foreach(ARGV[0], { :col_sep ="\t", :quote_char ='!' }) {
 if counter == 0
  header = row.dup
  puts "BEGIN:VCARD"
  row.each_with_index {
   |data, index|
   if data != nil
    puts "#{header[index]}:#{data}"
  puts "END:VCARD"
 counter += 1

First argument is the path of the tab separated CSV to convert. The output of the program is the converted VCARD. It simply converts the columns to vcard fields

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