Sunday, November 20, 2016

ruby vs bash benchmark (loops comparison).

Bash relies highly on external commands which make it having a lot of overheads; it's the language of the command line, not a proper programming language; it'll work well when most of time is spend by external binaries.

time ruby bench.rb > /dev/null; time bash > /dev/null

real    0m0.875s
user    0m0.869s
sys     0m0.007s

real    0m10.336s
user    0m10.111s
sys     0m0.223s

There's no comparison. ruby is magnitudes faster than bash

The scripts --

Bash --

#! /bin/bash
declare -i i
while test $i -le 999999
    echo hello world

Ruby --

#! /bin/ruby
i = 0
while (i <= 999999)
    puts "hello world"
    i = i + 1

In the bash binary there's frequent execution of 2 independent binaries -- test and echo which makes it slow.

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