Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Logitech MK220/M150 review

This Microsoft keyboard from Logitech is only intended for people with either 2 fingers or people who type with 2 fingers.

This 100% Microsoft, and Microsoft only compatible keyboard and mouse ensures tired arms cause --

1) It does not contain a palm rest
2) The keyboard does not have a lower edge boundary. The lowermost rows of keys make up the lower boundary of the keyboard.

Thus, if you attempt to rest your arms on the table any one of atrl, fn, alt, space, arrow keys and Logitech's favourite Windows keys will be pressed accidentally.

This's not the first time I've encountered a bad ergonomic keyboard from Logitech.

Another stupidity the company has done is that the mouse takes in 2 AA batteries making it heavy and keyboard takes in 2 AAA batteries in an attempt to make it light.

Anything more than 1M and the keyboard mouse starts giving communication issues. Maybe cause I made it work with Linux.

The DPI of the mouse is too low. So it has NO application in gaming or designing space. Buy a Microsoft keyboard/mouse for that . Logitech sells the same (it's only purpose being manufacturing HID devices to operate Windows) thing but at a higher price.

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