Friday, June 6, 2014

Strontium/HP/Sandisk/Kingston pendrive/thumbdrive seek times benchmark.

Here I'll benchmark the seek times of various thumbdrives. Seeks times are useful when you're syncing Bitcoin/Altcoin wallets.

I'm using the seeker tool for the purpose. All units in ms.

HP -- 0.53
Kingston -- 2.2
Sandisk cruiser blade -- 0.88
Sandisk cruser micro -- 0.73
Amkette robusto 0.93
Strontium Bold -- 0.64
Strontium TNT -- 1.06 
Transcend Jet USB 3.0 -- 0.7ms (on USB 2.0)

As expected, Kingston is the most popular and worst brand which's expected cause it's the people's top choice, similar to Windows.

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