Monday, January 21, 2013

Dell 2030M review.

Last time I reviewed Philips 192EL2 and gave moderate feedback; but after looking at this Dell monitor, I think I forgot to praise it's color and brightness.

This 'Windows 7 compatible' monitor comes in the same price range as any other budget monitor, so does the Philips 192EL2, but it's colors are completely washed off. They simply feel unatural and faded out regardless of the settings but appear to be too bright on some pictures. Point is, after looking at it's performance, you'll conclude something's wrong. It comes nowhere close to the CRT or the 192EL2 and looking at their price difference, this's not even good for general computing, it falls wayyy behind multimedia applications.

The brightness is reasonable, but the 192EL2 is about 5 times as bright.

So instead of recommending this 'Windows 7 compatible' monitor, I'd recommend a VGA and DVI compatible Philips 20 inch monitor.

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