Thursday, November 15, 2012

Philips SHP2000 review.

These 32 Ohms headphones are cheep yet, it's quality is fabulous.

If you ain't deaf (i.e. wont hear so load so as to damage your ears), these head phones are pretty good! A very good replacement for in ear earphones.

The base, mids and highs are all good, and you won't have to do much with the equalizer to get that solid base.

It looks good too, but 1 drawback -- cause of high impedance, it's not designed to be used without an amplifier. i.e. it wont be working with the inbuild sound card of your laptop/desktop; with a good dedicated sound card, it may work. All this cause these can handle 500mW of power.

Also note -- the noise isolation is not good.

It's comfortable to wear, but gets a bit hot on prolonged usage.

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