Monday, November 19, 2012

Extracting 3d images from 2d (or simple) video.

These images cant be extracted from any part of the video.

You have to search for parts in which the camera is moved from left to right on static (not moving) objects.

If you've found such a scene, note the time from which it starts.

Now you've to extract frames starting from this part of the video, do this using mplayer (for e.g.) -- 

mplayer -vo jpeg -frames 200 -ss 00:00:33 '/home/de/media_writeit!/media/test media/html5_Video_VP8.webm'

In the above e.g. frames are extracted from the 33rd second, and 200 frames are extracted from this time. How many frames to extract depends on the FPS of the video and/or how fast the camera moves.

This command will populate the directory you're in with 200 jpg images.

An idea of exactly how many frames are required and the next steps to make the image can be read in my previous post "Creating 3d anaglyph images".

A sample created from RE trailer -- 


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